Don’t forget PFDs

Are You Ready !

Personal Flotation Deviceds (PFD)

Personal Flotation Deviceds (PFD)

While you were stocking up on ammo and decoys, did you include checking your old Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for service or replacement?

If you don’t already have one, there are several new types including solid, inflatable and float jackets. But NONE of them will do you any good unless you wear it.

Another life saver is a cell phone AND 911. Why?  A call to 911 will get you a broad range of rescuers headed your way, by land, sea and air. And if you keep an open signal, the E911 Centers, working with your provider can usually locate that cell phone pretty accurately.

Safe Hunts begin with:

  • Knowledge of the area you plan to hunt (from maps, charts, internet data, hunting veterans)
  • Discuss your plan with others, who will check on your hunt’s progress. Leave them a map
  • Use gear and watercraft appropriate for the waters, size appropriate PFD’s and a throwable
  • Package up some “survival food” and water. Depending on the location add survival kits
  • Carry your GPS enabled cell phone with a charged battery, maybe in a zip locked bag
  • Practice dialing 911. Now while you’re calm and relaxed, think through how you would react to any emergency

Think call for help first, get them rolling and describe the location and situation.

Plan your hunt, hunt your plan(s)