Goose Banding 2016 a success!

Young lady ferrying goose for banding

Young lady ferrying goose

The NE Wisconsin 2016 Goose Banding Project was a success.

As you will read below in a report from WI Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Biologist and project coordinator, Josh Martinez, a great effort was put forward that yielded great results.

The scope of the project, which covered three days, included locations in Kewaunee, Outagamie and Brown Counties

For the last ten years, the Green Bay Duck Hunters Association (GBDHA) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) have teamed up to band locally born Giant Canada Geese.

The idea of the local effort was to to able help build data on where our local geese go. As the accompanying band return map demonstrates, these geese do some traveling although it seems they never leave.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has to be able to regulate the harvest of the Mississippi Valley Goose Population, which migrate through Wisconsin, while still balancing the allowable harvest numbers of these local robust geese.

Many times these local geese are not welcome on area trails, ball fields and ponds as they leave a lot of evidence of their presence behind along with crop damage to area farmers fields. 

Young lady ferrying goose for banding for banding

Young lad bringing another goose

Hunters play an important role in the harvest of these locals. Without the waterfowlers, other means of control would become prevalent, such as culling and oiling of eggs, to control their numbers and crop damage.

The effort put forth by the GBDHA is to provide scouting reports on the location of geese, supplying “corralling fences” and the manpower to assist capturing geese for banding. This two – three day project would begin each morning at sunrise and end before sundown.

Volunteers from GBDHA also included youth, who seemed to not be too offended by the noisy, clamoring birds. Each youth and volunteer learned quickly how to hold the goose (pointing in the right direction) to prevent getting soiled.

All and all, it is a great outdoors education project for young and old alike.

See you next year!

Dave Swanson, GBDHA

Hello All,

Bands carefully noted to each goose

Bands carefully noted to each goose

We have tallied up the final number of bands and geese handled during our banding effort. We banded a total of 900 birds and captured a total of 980 birds (including recaptures). It was a packed 3 days of work, but we met and exceeded our quota.

I am very thankful for all the help we had from the volunteers and proud of the DNR staff for providing a great educational experience for volunteers.

Please find the 2012 – 2014 goose band recover map of the birds our local area has banded in the past. I will be updating the map in the coming months with 2015 data and will be sure to share it next year before banding season.

The band breakdown:

– immature males = 352

– Immature females = 331

– Adult males = 108

– Adult females = 109

Bands initially logged

Bands initially logged

Thanks and best luck to the hunters this season, and I hope to see everyone again next summer during our banding efforts.

Joshua Martinez

Phone: (920)-662-5139

Goose bands ready to go