Recovering Duck Bands

Recover any bands?

oldest Golden Eye Story Image

oldest Golden Eye Story

Did you know that the oldest recovered banded duck was a Common Goldeneye? Banded in Minnesota in 1992, the duck was recovered in the bay of Green Bay in November 2012.  Several of our members recently visited the museum and provided the photo attached (used by permission of the Flyways Waterfowl Museum in Baraboo, WI,

There are some of this chapter who know someone who has shot a banded duck or goose.  We may even know of someone who collected a historical Jack Miner Band or had one passed down to them.

Pastor Jack Miner, considered the “Father” of banding started around 1909 and forged the way for waterfowl agreements between Canada and the US along with recognizing banding as an important means of collecting data. The Jack Miner Migratory Bird Foundation continues to band waterfowl at the Miner Property near Kingsville, Ontario, Canada.

Pastor Miner’s original bands have a Bible Verse inscribed on them. Learn more on line at the Jack Miner Waterfowl Banding Foundation ( So you can see the history and importance of banding and band recoveries.

The Green Bay Duck Hunters Association (GBDHA) has assisted the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource (WDNR) band 1000’s of geese from N.E. WI and have banded 100’s of hen mallards during duck rescues.

The recovered bands provide important data for the folks at the Bird Banding Laboratory Headquarters, located at the Patuxent Wildlife Center in Laurel, Maryland,

Goose Banding

Goose Banding

Most important to hunters in WI is the data collected on local banded geese numbers harvested over the Mississippi Flyway Goose population numbers, which has the possibility of increased bag limits!

Many of the geese the GBDHA help band have been recovered all over the Mississippi Flyway, North and South, and in North East Wisconsin.

If you should shoot a banded waterfowl, or find a band on any winged species, please report it to the Bird Banding Lab above.   Go on-line and submit your find to the folks at Putuxent

You will get feedback on the band’s history and you get to keep the band!

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