Stream Monitoring Program

Izaak Walton League (IWL) would like to expand its stream monitoring program across the country. In an effort to support IWL’s efforts, the Brown County Chapter has scheduled a training session with a member of the League’s national staff.

Based on the recent report released by the IWL, there is a lack of information on the quality of our streams and lakes across the country. A very small percentage of our waters are monitored and out of those that are, more than half do not meet the standards for fishing, swimming, drinking, etc.

States claim that they do not have adequate resources to monitor waterways. Wisconsin is one of the few states that uses data collected by volunteers so we would like to help out on collecting data for our local streams.

This is a great opportunity to get like-minded conservation groups involved in a local conservation project that could provide very valuable information to the residents of Brown County and the State of Wisconsin. IWL hopes to work in collaborative efforts with other conservation groups like Trout Unlimited (TU) and the Duck Hunters Association (DHA).

IWL has had a stream monitoring program in place for decades which other conservation organizations have adopted across the country. IWL recently implemented a new stream monitoring program called “Creek Freaks”. This program is specifically geared towards middle school students in an effort to get youth engaged in the outdoors. We would love to build on that program and provide training to any IWL member, or sister conservation organization member, who may have interest in engaging in stream monitoring.

This is a great opportunity for families to pick a stream, or body of water, to monitor as a family.

Please click on the Creek Freaks Flyer to see the details about the training session scheduled for September.

IWL members please contact Jodi Arndt Labs at 920 – 617 – 5516 or email her at to register.

All other interested conservationists, please contact Samantha Roth at or call her at 301 – 548 – 0150 Extension 222.

We would also love to get other organizations working with youth, including local schools, involved in stream monitoring. Therefore, please share this flyer with any teachers you know or other individuals who work with youth and are looking for program ideas (e.g., scout troops, YMCA, etc.).

Jodi Arndt Labs

President of the Brown County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League